Living and Breathing Student Success: Our Mission at Cumberland

Tempus fugit! Where has all the time gone? It seems like Labor Day was just yesterday and now we are getting ready for registration for the winter session and the spring semester. Over the last few weeks it has just been lively on campus. As president, my new days are filled with back-to-back meetings and events in the evenings as well as the weekends. It is such a respite to walk to our cafeteria for lunch and find students rock climbing, playing a leisure game of volleyball, or see the cross country team running their laps around our beautiful campus!

Over the last few weeks, we have had such a range of exciting events take place on campus. I had one student comment to me that she didn’t expect college to be fun. At Cumberland County College, we work hard and we play hard!

I have been impressed with our Student Senate and all of the activities around which they have shown leadership. Their passion and their vision for the College are admirable and inspiring. This month, we celebrate veterans, Hispanic culture, men and women who have survived and are coping with domestic violence. The activism and service learning ethos of our students and the faculty and staff who help them facilitate these activities help define who we are as a campus and what we strive to achieve for all of Cumberland County working with our partners.

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills, we have a range of clubs, activities, and projects to do so. We also want our students to have a leadership role in creating their own college experience. In addition, as a designated Hispanic-Serving Institutions, we have a number of programs that target our at-risk Hispanic learners—youth and adults. We are extrapolating our learnings, findings, and successes from that group to apply to all at-risk populations in our region. We take pride in preparing the current and next generations of leaders for Cumberland County and to continuing to help raise the college attainment rate, working collaboratively with our partners.


Cultivating a Formidable Group of Scholar Athletes

Over the last three years, Cumberland County College has been building its athletics record and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.  We have been attracting a growing cadre of superbly talented athletes who are trained and mentored by coaches not only dedicated to their athletic success, but also to their academic achievement. Throughout the summer, while other students were still relishing the summer, our athletes were getting in shape physically and mentally to prepare for the school year. They are the pride of Cumberland!

At Cumberland County College, our culture around athletics is to embrace the whole athlete. We see our athletes not as students but as scholars. We see them as people who are gifted in sports in a way that most of us aren’t but whose career and success in life will depend not just on their athleticism and their physical ability, but also on their intellectual might. So, we cultivate them as scholar athletes.

As one who has been athletically-challenged all my life, I have a deep appreciation not just for the ability of our athletes but also for their contributions to our campus culture and campus life. Our athletes consistently demonstrate a high level of discipline and ability to focus, to work as a team as well as independently, to balance their commitment to the sport and their academics, and to support one another. Most importantly, they show grace in defeat and in success. They know how to deal with failure. They know how to pick themselves back up and try again. They are resilient and they show grit on and off the field. There is a lot that our campus, that our non-athletes, learn every day from these gifted female and male scholars on campus.

I look forward to attending more of our men’s and women’s games and to cheering on our talented athletes in success and in defeat, on the field and on social media because I know the effort that they put in. Here’s to our scholar athletes! You are Cumberland’s pride.