The Start of a Great Adventure

Today is the first day of what promises to be a great adventure with Cumberland County College! Despite all the work that moving entails, I have been looking forward to this day with great excitement and I am glad that the anticipation is over.

Cumberland County College is a great gem—a best kept secret that won’t be for long. With its beautiful serene campus that mirrors some of the great private liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, I share the staff’s pride that our community college students get to study in an environment that is both conducive to learning and aesthetically pleasing. The beauty of Cumberland County itself, outside of the college, is equally captivating. Prior to exploring my new hometown, I was told that our county put the “Garden” in the “Garden State,” as is New Jersey’s motto.

The county offers a great mix of rural with quasi-city living, ample open space, clean air, and rich historical sites tied to the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, The Gilded Age, the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, and the Post War eras, not to mention the accompanying legends and lore told by locals. The wildlife, rivers, and the Delaware Bay that run through the county offer great picturesque scenes fit for postcards.

The people—Cumberland County’s best assets—are welcoming and warm. Much like the rest of the country, Cumberland County is becoming more diverse and with a growing Latino population. Our college is even a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution. My new colleagues are enthusiastic, fun, and future-ready. As Cumberland County College celebrates 50 years of extraordinary achievements, the College, its Board, its benefactors, and the broader community are energized to start writing the next chapter.

Needless to say, I am in love with Cumberland. Let’s get started!


4 thoughts on “The Start of a Great Adventure”

  1. Dr. Salomon-Fernandez,

    I am excited to learn that you are going to publish your experiences as you start, then continue, your journey here in Cumberland County. As an employee of the college, I am impressed with the initiative of such a project, and cannot wait to learn with you as you go. Looking forward to working with you, getting to know you, and seeing where we go from here. I am confident you will be able to assist us all in becoming a better team, a more transparent and capable institution, and a life-changer for our students, stakeholders, and employees all. Welcome aboard, and thank you for your enthusiastic launch into our world.

    Mandy Blasberg,


    1. It’s me, the librarian, again!

      In response to your remarks about our county putting the “Garden”in the “Garden State,” I would be remiss in not mentioning that just today I finished adding some incredibly inspiring gardening books to our LibGuides (our online library guides). If you want to jump right into the gardening culture, take a look at the link below! All of the books featured are available in the Cumberland County College Library.


      1. Super! I have a brown thumb but my husband, on the other hand, has grown strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, corn, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, potatoes, snow peas,zucchini, and asparagus. He’s quite the backyard farmer! I have to come check out the collection.


    2. Thanks, Mandy. I appreciate the warm welcome. It’s a match made in heaven! I look forward to learning from you and the others as well.


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